Because Dash is 100% electric, cost-effective, solar-charged and environmentally friendly, we can help you earn key AASHE STARS Program credits* — quickly and easily.

*Actual credits earned may vary based on your university’s current transportation and sustainability plans.

AASHE STARS Program credits:

  • OP1: Greenhouse gas emissions — 8 pts.
  • OP2: Outdoor air quality — 0.5 pt.
  • OP9: Clean and renewable energy — 4 pts.
  • OP18: Campus fleet — 1 pt.
  • OP19: Modal split: Student commute modal split — 2 pts.
  • OP20: Modal split: Employee commute modal split — 2 pts.
  • OP21: Sustainable transportation support — 0.75 pts

The 100% electric Dash uses renewable energy to inspire a world of good.

Gas-Powered Passenger Car

aashe stars program


university sustainability

Drive today’s most influential generation.

Studies show that Millennials — individuals born between 1983 and 2000 — consider sustainability when picking a college. What better way to demonstrate your university’s commitment to going green than by having a fleet of small electric cars dashing around campus while potential freshmen take a tour?

Case Studies

Innova Community of the Future

Innova EV, ComEd and the Bronzeville Community - Ride Sharing Mobility Pilot for Seniors

Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood is renowned as an early-20th-century African American business and cultural hub, as it was the center of African American life and historically known as the city's "Black Metropolis."

But with all the cultural capital Bronzeville had accumulated, it still lacked accessible mobility for all. To solve this problem, Innova EV partnered with utility company ComEd and the Bronzeville community to offer affordable, zero-emission transportation for seniors.

Read the Case Study
Innova Community of the Future

Innova EV University Pilots - Ridesharing Pilot Program for Universities

Innova EV partnered with Internet2 and several universities to offer an electric vehicle carsharing program to faculty and students.

The pilot program lasted one year (from 2015-2016), and each participating university—University of Wisconsin-Madison, Colorado State University, University of Washington, and University of Pittsburgh—was supplied with four Innova EV vehicles, called Dash, and a mobile phone app for users to access the vehicles.

Read the Case Study
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