Because Dash is 100% electric, cost-effective, solar-charged and environmentally friendly, we can help you earn key AASHE STARS Program credits* — quickly and easily.

*Actual credits earned may vary based on your university’s current transportation and sustainability plans.

AASHE STARS Program credits:

  • OP1: Greenhouse gas emissions — 8 pts.
  • OP2: Outdoor air quality — 0.5 pt.
  • OP9: Clean and renewable energy — 4 pts.
  • OP18: Campus fleet — 1 pt.
  • OP19: Modal split: Student commute modal split — 2 pts.
  • OP20: Modal split: Employee commute modal split — 2 pts.
  • OP21: Sustainable transportation support — 0.75 pts

The 100% electric Dash uses renewable energy to inspire a world of good.

Gas-Powered Passenger Car

aashe stars program


university sustainability

Drive today’s most influential generation.

Studies show that Millennials — individuals born between 1983 and 2000 — consider sustainability when picking a college. What better way to demonstrate your university’s commitment to going green than by having a fleet of small electric cars dashing around campus while potential freshmen take a tour?

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