Dash is the autonomous first and last mile solution for your campus.

Innova EV has your solution.

  • A bridge between a bike and a traditional car
  • Gets students/faculty from mass transit to campus locations
  • Closes the transportation loop and helps campus-goers give up their single occupancy vehicles
  • Gets your school more AASHE STARS points
  • Flexible solutions for purchasing Dash vehicles or managing a campus car share program
  • Autonomous driving reduces human error and frees up students for other tasks while enroute
student car share program

Personalized and cloud-connected.

Innova EV delivers a personalized driving experience from start to finish. The Dash remembers each driver’s preferences, and from the moment they enter the vehicle, Dash delivers everything that they like:

  • Connect
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram