Want to bring Dash electric vehicles to your campus? 
Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Innova EV car share program:

  • Provides vehicles and charging stations
  • Handles cars’ paperwork (insurance, title, etc.)
  • Oversees app implementation
  • Manages the reservation system
  • Assigns a program manager to your campus
  • Performs routine maintenance

Your university:

  • Approves the Innova EV car share program
  • Helps identify ideal locations for parking spaces and charging stations
ev car share

Innova EV fleet program:

  • Purchase/lease vehicles for your own program
    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Campus delivery
    • Food service

Your university:

  • Decreased maintenance demands
  • Increased vehicle uptime

university car sharing

Low on space? Dash is the perfect fit.

The Dash electric vehicle requires minimal real estate. With just one traditional parking space, you can fit three Dash cars.

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