Sustainability Prestige: Car sharing, only better

Sustainability Prestige: Car sharing, only better

When people see the Innova Dash, “Where can I get one?” and “How big is the trunk?” are among their top questions. The buzz about this inviting and hip environmentally friendly vehicle is so rewarding for the Innova EV Car Share team.

The top questions draw attention to the fact that we need to educate onlookers that Innova EV Car Share is much more than just the Dash. It is a complete turnkey campus car sharing program, including a fleet manager, charging stations and social hubs, a reservation app and lots and lots of data.

Actually, the Innova EV Car Share program is ready-made “sustainability prestige.” What is sustainability prestige? It is the prominence that comes from being the crème de la crème in sustainability. Sustainability prestige transcends demographics and is a quality that adds a bit of celebrity to academic administrators, sustainability leaders and students alike.

The electric car share program was designed with increasing STARS points in mind. In fact, the Innova EV Car Share program is a bit of a status symbol when it comes to sustainability prestige. The early adopters selected to participate in the pilot program are among the most progressive sustainability-minded campuses in the United States: Colorado State University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Washington and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Pros of this unique electric car share program include:

  • providing a key quality that students consistently note as a decision-making factor— sustainability focus
  • reducing campus congestion
  • improving parking problems (three Dash vehicles fit into one traditional parking spot)
  • decreasing the campus carbon footprint
  • saving students money
  • adding a new revenue stream for the school 

Those of you attending the AASHE Conference can register for a test ride, but also be sure to stop by our solar oasis booth for a preview of the full electric car sharing program.

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