See the Dash for yourself at the AASHE Conference & Expo

See the Dash for yourself at the AASHE Conference & Expo

The Innova UEV team is delighted to introduce our Innova EV Car Share program to attendees at the AASHE Conference, October 25–28, along with insight from the pilot program at four leading sustainability-focused campuses: Colorado State University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Washington and the University of Wisconsin—Madison.  

These four trailblazing colleges were selected by Internet2 from a pool of applicant higher education institutions to receive a pilot fleet of four urban electric vehicles to try out for a year at no cost. In fact, Scott Baily of Colorado State University and Brian Stengel of the University of Pittsburgh presented a session about the pilot at this month’s Internet2 Technology Exchange. The session was entitled “Research Methodologies for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Networking and Data Collection.”

At the AASHE Conference, you will be able to have a test ride in the Dash as well as visit our booth. The booth is an example of a typical campus charging hub, which will not only serve to charge Dashes when needed but will also provide a public charging station where students can charge their beloved smartphones gratis. Want to find the Innova booth? Just look up — a solar tree will be part of the booth display. As the saying goes, “You can’t miss it.”

The Innova UEV leadership team will be on hand to share details on the turnkey campus electric car sharing program. Highlights include the ability to contribute significant STARS points and the possibility of offering positive cash flow.

There is sure to be buzz around Innova’s intriguing solar oasis, so don’t wait until you arrive at the Conference to sign up for a test ride. See you in Minneapolis!

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