Innova EV Joins the Intelligent Car Coalition to Drive Awareness Around Sustainability and Connectivity

Innova EV has become a member of the Intelligent Car Coalition, the leading advocacy group for pro-innovation connected car public policies. The merging of communications technologies and transportation is creating exciting opportunities to improve safety on the roads, reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

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Countdown to $1 Million: Innova EV in Final Preparation for Clean Energy Trust Challenge Pitch Competition

Innova EV will compete against 13 other top cleantech startups from across the Midwest specializing in the energy storage, biomass, smart buildings and devices, advanced transportation and fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, wind energy, solar energy and thermal storage industries.

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Columbus Named as One of the Top Seven in "Smart Cities Challenge"

Innova EV is delighted to serve as a partner to the City of Columbus as they compete in the second round of the United States Department of Transportation Smart City Challenge. Columbus was named in March 2016 as one of seven finalists from 78 applications.

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Sustainability Prestige: Car sharing, only better

When people see the Dash, “Where can I get one?” & “How big is the trunk?" are among their top questions. But Innova EV Car Share featuring the Dash is more than the “wow” factor—it is “sustainability prestige.”

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See the Dash for yourself at the AASHE Conference & Expo

Innova EV Car Share is delighted to introduce the Dash to attendees with insight from the pilot program at four leading sustainability-focused campuses: Colorado State University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Washington and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 

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