Electricity meets American ingenuity.

Innova EV - electric vehicle

Innova EV (Electric Vehicle) has built its reputation for innovative, sustainable electric car solutions that are made in America by connecting best-in-class product and service providers.

Our Leadership

Roman Kuropas

Roman Kuropas

CEO, President + Founder

As founder and CEO, Roman strives to make 100% electric, 4G LTE connected vehicles more accessible to universities and municipalities. Before Innova EV, Roman was CEO of Expert Corporation, a global manufacturer of LEV2 and PZEV evaporative emissions systems used on over 15 million vehicles manufactured globally. He and his team have also contributed to the development of instrument clusters, telematics and LCD touch screens for companies like Fisker, Tesla and Case New Holland.

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A.J. Cederoth

A.J. Cederoth

CFO + Business Development

A.J. is an executive across several manufacturing and financial services industries. A.J. was the chief financial officer of Navistar International Transportation Company, a Fortune 200 global manufacturing and financial services company building medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. With 25 years’ experience, working across manufacturing, treasury and financial services, A.J. leads the financial aspects and business development efforts of Innova EV.

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Brandon Bordenkircher

Brandon Bordenkircher

VP of Business Development

Brandon is a global leader that has influenced tech policy and research across several continents. He was Car2go’s General Manager in Chicago where he managed a fleet of 400 vehicles. Prior to joining Car2go he was the Deputy Program Director on Airbnb’s public policy team where he passed pro-homesharing legislation across the United States. He is a published author and academic whose papers have been cited 40+ times by leaders including the US Chamber of Commerce, Fortune 500 companies, and scholars all over the world.

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