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At Innova EV, we are dedicated to providing universities and cities affordable zero-emission first- and last-mile mobility. Our shared and on-demand service complements other existing transportation options in campuses, cities and neighborhoods.

Innova EV's Solution

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Dash vehicle

Low-speed vehicle: 25 mph max speed

Medium-speed vehicle: 35 mph max speed

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App-enabled services



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Connectivity and IoT




45 sensors and 4 cameras

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Personalized digital ad platform

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First Mile, Last Mile Sustainable Mobility

The Dash is an extension of ridership.

Our connected Dash provides first mile last mile shared mobility that fills an important zero-emissions gap between walking, biking and public transportation in urban and campus environments.

Innova EV supports your green transportation goals and shares the love by keeping riders on the pulse of connectivity. The Dash, a 100% electric vehicle, is designed to quickly take your riders around town — all while delivering a one-of-a-kind personalized experience. Whether buying Dash vehicles for your fleet or using our innovative car sharing program, Innova EV can help you meet environmental goals.  

Stay ahead of the curve

Are you looking to boost your sustainability prestige and bring more green solutions to your campus? Contact us today just like these universities have.

Pilot Universities

AASHE platinum-certified campus


all electric vehicles
  • We’re currently running pilot programs at four leading sustainability-minded universities.
  • Each pilot site has four zero-emission Dash vehicles.
  • We’re collecting data from 40+ vehicle sensors and cameras, providing us with key analytics.
  • With this Big Data in hand, our analytics and insights enable us to innovate with our Dash vehicle.

Development Partner



We’re co-developing autonomous driving capabilities
with Ohio State University and Center for Automotive Research.


2016 Challenge Winner

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